Monkey’s Market Minute w/c August 29th, 2022

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August 29th, 2022

Biden’s energy secretary is urging oil refineries not to increase exports of gasoline and diesel to Europe and to build domestic inventories, which they won’t do willingly, and is also a giant betrayal of Europe, who followed our orders in Sanctioning Russia and committing economic suicide. […]

August 30th, 2022

Second, remember Libya? Remember that they have been in the middle of a civil war since April but recently a truce was called so they could export oil again? Yeah . . . well that’s over. I know right? It only lasted a week or something. […]

August 31st, 2022

Of course, I have to mention this little gem from Oilprice where they claim in the headline that the cause for the massive crash in oil is . . . wait for it . . . inflation fears. I guess that’s why energy in Europe is so cheap right now huh? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills sometimes. […]

September 1st, 2022

I’m seeing a couple of articles from Zero Hedge confirming what I’ve been saying, that the FED can’t do shit about the inflation because A) the inflation is being caused by a lack of supply caused by the government’s Climate Change agenda, and B) the inflation is being caused by the government’s welfare gibs and expansion of the money supply. The FED didn’t do either of those things. […]

September 2nd, 2022

While we are in a recession, it’s only a technical recession caused by the withdrawal of massive stimulus, which was always going to cause a negative re-adjustment, but that doesn’t mean the economy is going to crash and there will be massive layoffs.  […]

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