Sex Toy Review: AcmeJoy 8.1lb Breast Sex Doll (Sponsored)

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Introduction: If you want to impress a woman during sex, you must do extra foreplay. Women will fall in love with your performance in sex. Soothing her breasts is a booster for sex. Having these big boobs exercises your foreplay ability. Stimulate her breasts patiently and skillfully, massaging her breasts from light to heavy, using her fingers to circle her breasts, approaching the areola, and finally touching the nipple, causing her to lose control of her body. If you like breast sex, this toy is also good. Gather her breasts with your hands and let your penis gradually slide on the smooth breasts, which is different from the feeling of putting it in the vagina, breast sex has a visual impact. After releasing sexual desire, put hands on her big breasts and gently knead her nipples to calm down.



LBRY (Odysee):


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