TFM Classic: The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 3: The Egalitarianism Cycle




UPDATE: I didn’t define what I meant by responsibility. Men are financially, legally, and physically responsible for women the way that parents are financially, legally, and physically responsible for children. Even though children may have chores, and minimal responsibilities within their families, that dynamic does not change. In the same way, while women have had certain domestic responsibilities, men have always been responsible for them financially, legally, and psychically.

Part 3 of my ongoing working theory about societal cycles and how gynocentrism destroys societies throughout history. I’ve made several revisions to the theory, including renaming it from the Traditionalism Cycle to the Egalitarianism Cycle.

Return of Kings: This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy

Song: “Far the Days Have Come” by Letter Box. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.