The Morning Constitutional 10/14/2021





Article Links:

1. America Needs Higher, Longer-Lasting Inflation

2. Second Facebook Whistleblower Coming Forwardโ€“Shared Docs With US Law Agency

3. Could aspirin intake reduce mortality risk in COVID-19 patients?

4. Most adults shouldn’t take daily aspirin to prevent heart attack, panel says

5. Children in NASA space video with Kamala Harris are ACTORS: Kids in clip produced by Canada-based Sinking Ship Entertainment had to audition for the part – despite being presented as normal

6. Republican Group Trolls Trump With Massive Billboard Reminding Him He’s A Loser

7. SICKENING: Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape of a 14-Year-Old Girl and Prosecuted Her Father To Protect Male Transgender Student Who Was Permitted to Use Ladies Bathrooms

8. Obesity is a killer and Covid is brutal to fat people, so why are we doing nothing to tackle this ticking time bomb?

9. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un faces ‘paradise on Earth’ lawsuit

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