The Morning Constitutional 11/4/2021






Article Links:

1. China is urging families to stock up on food as supply challenges multiply

2. Indian home-grown Covid-19 shot wins WHO emergency use approval

3. mRNA eToehold Tech Could Enable Targeted RNA Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Cell Sensing

4. ‘Falsified Data’: Pfizer Vaccine Trial Had Major Flaws, Whistleblower Tells Peer-Reviewed Journal

5. Banks raided, property seized, licences cancelled in COVID cost recovery

6. Kentucky Man Challenges Federal Mask Mandate and Then Immediately Gets Placed on Terrorist Watch List and Harassed When Flying

7. Well, they did it: Cleveland voters hand over control of police department to Black Lives Matter radicals

8. ‘I can’t imagine the day when I’m not paying.’ Black women are being crushed by the student debt crisis — and demanding action

9. Black population declining? New census data show roughly half of Florida’s urban areas have changed

10. Maine passes nation’s 1st ‘right to food’ amendment

11. Vaccines won’t be mandatory for existing Quebec health-care workers, only new hires

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