The Morning Constitutional 3/16/2022

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Article Links:

1. “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” – Biden Signs New Backdoor Gun Control Into Law

2. Affordable Housing Activists Demand Homebuilders Build Fewer Houses

3. Gas Stimulus Check 2022: How are the States planning to reduce inflation?

4. Computer repairman who gave feds Hunter Biden’s laptop says he was victim of intimidation campaign

5. μ—¬μ„± μž₯κ΄€ ν• λ‹Ήμ œ 폐지…”ꡬ쑰적 성차별 μ™Έλ©΄” 지적도
( Abolition of the quota system for female ministers… “Ignoring structural sexism” pointed out )

6. Heart attacks can happen to healthy, younger Australians who have none of the usual risk factors for disease.
Now new research has uncovered mutations in the genes which can compromise the arteries in the heart.

7. Blood Clots Like Hailey Bieber’s Happening in ‘Younger People’

8. Women are ‘dulling their shine’ so men feel comfortable on dates

9. NYC woman lured date she met on Instagram to her apartment tortured and stabbed for $100,000

10. USA Today Names Rachel Levine One of their “Women of the Year”