The Morning Constitutional 3/9/2022

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Article Links:

1. USA admits there are Biolabs in Ukraine, says any biological attack will be ‘Russia’s fault’

2. Russia says U.S. has biolabs with plague and anthrax in Ukraine, U.S. calls claim absurd

3. UK Says It’s A Criminal Offense For Any Russian Plane To Enter Airspace As Private Jets Get Seized

4. Proud Boys leader arrested on US Capitol attack conspiracy charge

5. Ukraine’s Foreign Legion Is Ready for Battle

6. Scotland: Misogyny could be made a hate crime under new recommendations

7. City Hall staff can now take ‘menopause leave’ in plan to tackle ‘last workplace taboo’

8. What US betrayal of Afghan women means on International Women’s Day

9. Nigerian parliament rescinds decision on gender equality bills

10. Young, Angry, Misogynistic, and Male: Inside South Korea’s Incel Election

11. Fatherless mice are created in lab using only unfertilised mouse eggs

12. “We Want AR-15s” – GOP Nassau Executive Announces Gun Drive To Send Weapons To Ukraine

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