The Morning Constitutional: 5/26/2021





Article Links:

1. Renters in Berlin have a radical plan to seize apartments from landlords and are set to force a referendum that could revolutionize the battle for fair rent

2. The inflation economy

3. Amazon Has Stranglehold on Online Retail Market, DC Says

4. US embassies fly BLM flags to mark anniversary of George Floyd death

5. NFL is reviewing claims made by former coach, who said he was told he was ‘not the right minority’ during an interview

6. Mixing two different vaccine doses might actually strengthen COVID-19 immunity, not hurt it

7. Some local judges offering sentence reductions to offenders who get vaccinated

8. Biden Panics After CNN Reveals He Canceled COVID Origins Investigation, Orders 90-Day Report From US Intel Agencies

9. Gujarat: Rape accused acquitted after baby’s DNA matches him, not accuser

10. THAT’S GRATITUDE! Pedo teacher Brittany Zamora, 29, DIVORCES husband who stood by her during trial for sex with student, 13

11. Think Women Can’t Fight? Here Are 9 Advantages Of Female Soldiers

12. Woman ‘strangles husband with her buttocks’ during fight

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