The Morning Constitutional: 6/2/2021




Article Links:

1. Florida Gov. DeSantis signs controversial transgender female athletes bill

2. ‘Gender Nullification Surgery’ Enables ‘Non-Binary’ Patients To Achieve ‘Smooth Genital Area’

3. Biden administration to suspend Arctic oil leases issued under Trump

4. Venezuela’s strongman wants better relations with the United States

5. The definitive list of left-wing companies that you should boycott

6. China allows three children in major policy shift

7. MPs nearly unanimous in declaring a pandemic election ‘irresponsible’

8. June 12 Is Women Veterans Day

9. Scientists say they’ve made the first ‘human’ breast milk in a lab, and it’ll be available in about 3 years

10. Bodybuilder who wed two sex dolls is now open to dating humans

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