The Morning Constitutional: 6/9/2021

The Morning Constitutional is a weekly podcast presented by Turd Flinging Monkey and Halsey English, together with CelestinaAeroshogun, HD George Takei, Thunderwarrior and VooDooMedic.
The hosts discuss various news articles covering multiple topics, like health, politics, transgender issues etc.
The live stream starts every Wednesday at 8:00AM PST | 11:00AM EST | 5:00PM CET.
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Article Links:

1. Janet Yellen: Interest rates may need to rise to ensure β€˜economy doesn’t overheat’

2. Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge To The Rule That Only Men Register For The Draft

3. USA TODAY fights FBI subpoena demanding records that would identify readers of Florida shooting story

4. For years, the underworld thought its phones were safe. They fell for an encrypted app trap

5. β€˜Pride’ colors proposed for Hamilton crosswalk

6. Conservatives Propose Law to Outright Ban Communism, Islamism in Italy

7. Burger King trolls Chick-fil-A with LGBTQ+ donations

8. Chinese women were already discriminated in the workplace. A three-child policy might make things worse

9. OH BABY I’ve had 20 babies in a YEAR by surrogates – we have 16 nannies costing $96k & want up to 100 kids

10. “National Exotic Dancer Shortage” Forces New Orleans Strip Club To Offer Signing Bonuses