The Morning Constitutional: 7/1/2021

The Morning Constitutional is a weekly podcast presented by Turd Flinging Monkey and Halsey English, together with CelestinaAeroshogun, HD George Takei, Thunderwarrior and VooDooMedic.
The hosts discuss various news articles covering multiple topics, like health, politics, transgender issues etc.
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Article Links:

1. New study finds that β€œwe have to accept 4 fatal & 16 serious side effects per 100K vaccinations to save the lives of 2–11 individuals per 100K vaccinations, placing risks & benefits on the same order of magnitude”

2. Hunter Personally Funded Wuhan Lab

3. Laptop shows Joe Biden attended meetings between Hunter and his Mexican business partners

4. San Jose to tax gun owners, will confiscate firearms for noncompliance

5. ‘My goal is to kill cops today’: Chilling words of Colorado police killer who gunned down 19-year veteran before being shot dead by hero bystander who picked up his AR-15 and was then killed by responding officers in tragic mix-up

6. “Absolutely Shameless”: WH Press Secretary Blames Republicans For Defunding Police

7. Bill Cosby Conviction Overturned; Retrial Barred on Due Process Grounds

8. White British Guy Gets 18 Plastic Surgeries to Become Non-Binary Korean (VIDEO)

9. β€˜Nobody believes you’: IKEA couch honoring bisexual people sends confusing messages

10. Nevada pageant winner to become 1st transgender Miss USA contestant