The Morning Constitutional: 7/8/2021





Article Links:

1. Council discusses National Guard intervention to stop escalating violent crime in Jackson

2.┬áCalifornia ÔÇśEpsilonÔÇÖ strain of COVID-19 could evade vaccines, study says

3. Singapore to scrap daily COVID counts, treat COVID like the flu

4.┬áWith COVID-19 heralding possible fertility changes, leaders must urgently support womenÔÇÖs rights and choices

5.┬áSurprise!? Womens’ Rights Group Urge Newsom To End Prison Transgender-Mixing After Numerous Attacks, Rapes

6. Trans woman banned from seeing her kids had her human rights violated, top court rules

7.┬áLady Lavinia Nourse: Ex-High Court judge widow in ‘anonymity until charge’ call

8. Trevor Bauer Put on Administrative Leave by MLB Following Assault Allegations

9. Russian porn star and OnlyFans model, 29, falls to her death from 22nd story apartment after telling friends she was lonely and wanted to start a family

10.┬áInstagram model says she’s single because men are ‘too scared’ to ask her out

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