The Morning Constitutional 8/12/2021





Article Links:

1. The World Economic Forum and the Misleading Politics of Gender Equality

2. Me Too? ‘Time’s Up’ Leader Roberta Kaplan Resigns After Being EXPOSED For Involvement in NY Gov. Cuomo’s Efforts to Discredit Accusers

3. Top Atlanta-Area Elementary School BUSTED for Segregating Students Based on Race

4. Oregon governor signs bill removing reading, writing, & math requirements for high school kids, to help ‘students of color’

5. Teacher resigns in tears during board meeting in Virginia school district mired in battles over trans rights

6. Six Designs That White People Never Notice Are Racist

7. Runaway Texas Dems are Now Suing Gov. Greg Abbott for ‘Anxiety, Discomfort & Distress,’ as Well as ‘Damaging Their Reputations’

8. ‘I’m not very interested in money’: Hackers return $260 million in assets stolen in biggest crypto heist ever

9. “You have to submit to your husband”: the guide for women of a Venezuelan influencer who generated repudiation in the networks

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