The Morning Constitutional 9/28/2022

The Morning Constitutional is a weekly podcast presented by Turd Flinging Monkey and Halsey English, together with CelestinaAeroshogun, HD George Takei, Thunderwarrior and VooDooMedic.
The hosts discuss various news articles covering multiple topics, like health, politics, transgender issues etc.
The live stream starts every Wednesday at 8:00AM PST | 11:00AM EST | 5:00PM CET.
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Morning Constitutional Cancelled September 28th, 2022

I will not be available tomorrow morning for the Morning Constitutional. I will have my laptop with me, and should be able to do the Monkey’s Market Minute, but won’t have access to my home studio until Friday, which is close enough to Saturday that there is no point pushing the Morning Constitutional out on an off-day, only to do another stream the next day.

Turd Flinging Monkey