The Morning Constitutional 9/30/2021





Article Links:

1. A Canadian COVID-19 study that turned out to be wrong has spread like wildfire among anti-vaxxers

2. Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries

3. Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19, March 2020–March 2021

4. Unvaccinated Students Told To Wear Different Coloured Wristbands So They Can Be Identified

5. Illinois bill would allow women to sue men over unwanted pregnancies

6. β€œAt All Costs”: China Pulls Out All Stops To Prevent Winter Energy Crisis

7. CNN denies Australians access to its Facebook pages, citing defamation risk after court says publishers responsible for comments

8. Surprise! Study Finds ‘Paying People To Stay Home & Not Work’ Does Not Encourage Employment

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