The TFM Show: 3/19/2022

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What happened to the Saturday show?

The fan on my graphics card failed, and my graphics card overheated and died. My monitors don’t work and I can’t do the show and had to cancel.

It sucks that not only am I out whatever superchats I would have earned tonight but also now have to drop $500+ on a graphics card.

I’ll be replacing my graphics card tomorrow with whatever Best Buy has in stock. My graphics card was an AMD R9 390X 8GB, purchased in April 2016 if anyone is curious.

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5 thoughts on “The TFM Show: 3/19/2022

  1. Anonymous says:

    Try to stick with an AMD card because switching to Nvidia drivers is a pain in the butt

  2. Colemin says:

    Try sticking with AMD because switching to Nvidia drivers is a chore.

  3. Colemin says:

    I’d avoid buying an Nvidia card because switching the make can screw with your computer.

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