Waifu World Rules

Please read all rules to help avoid getting yourself in trouble or banned.

1)    Absolutely NO LOLICON OR SHOTACON! Go to this unaffiliated room instead of posting that stuff here: https://matrix.to/#/+loli:midov.pl . If you post it here, you will be perma-banned. 1,000 year old dragon vampires that look like 12 year old girls are lolis, and you’re fooling absolutely nobody

       A) Midgets or “shortstacks” are not lolicon, and can be distinguished from lolicon by their adult-like facial features and proportions.

             I) Midgets/shortstacks have post-pubescent body development (pubic hair, full breasts, etc.)

             II) Midgets/shortstacks often have adult-like torsos, but with stubby limbs

             III) If you’re unsure whether a picture is a loli or a shortstack, just play it safe and don’t post it.

       B) No X-rays of pregnant women having sex with the baby being shown, and especially not with the baby in the womb interacting with a dick or cum

      C) No birthing of babies being shown, especially if it’s done in the middle of an orgy.

      D) Mini Girls, aka Tinker Bell sized women, still need to meet the head to body radio standard if they are lewded.

       E) The rules apply to the hentai manga/animations you link as well. Meaning if you post a link to a hentai manga that has little boys or girls involved in sexual acts, your still breaking the lolicon/shotacon rule. The tags are an easy way for you to see if you should link something or not.

2)    No bestiality or animal abuse. Furries are no exception. No yiffing!

         A) If a monster girl has an animal half (like a centaur), sex with the animal half violates this rule

         B) If a monster girl has a snout and inhuman facial structure, she will be considered a furry (see chart)

         C) The furry and monster girl rule also applies to males.

         D) No horse cocks unless they are clearly attached to a male, futanari, or is a dildo.

         E) Yes, Robot Furries are still Furries.

3)    No gore or hentai involving extreme violence or murder. BDSM is fine

        A) Skinsuit hentai is considered gore just to be safe. While some is harmless and meant to be costumes, other skinsuit hentai is meant to be made from living victims and violates the discord TOS.

        B) Headless monster girls that give “throat-jobs” are considered gore, and are not allowed just to play it safe and avoid issues.

        C) No All The Way Through hentai due to it appearing like the dick is speared through the woman’s body vlad the Impaler style.

4)    No gay hentai unless it’s done for comedy

        A) No Yaoi, no exceptions

        B) Traps are gay unless they’re having sex with a woman

            I) If the woman is also a trap, then it’s double-gay

            II) Solo trap is gay

            II) Trap penis vore is gay, and you need Jesus

            III) Reverse-traps are fine

            IIII) Also applies to sex dolls

       C) Futas are gay because unlike IRL hermaphrodites, anime futas have fully developed dicks, and that’s gay unless…

             I) Futas with a regular girl/woman is not gay

             II) 2 futas having sex with their dicks/balls not interacting isn’t technically gay, but it’s bisexual.

                   a) Even if it’s during a threesome or orgy, dicks and/or balls touching another man’s body is still gay.

             III) Futas with a man is gay, as are two futas having sex with their dicks and balls interacting.

             IV) Futas who are spotted hyena furries are not gay because spotted hyena females actually have a pseudo-penis

                  i) Posting spotted hyena futa hentai breaks rule 2

            V) Futas who have tentacles instead of dicks are fine

            VI) There is no such thing as a “feminine penis”, you’re just in denial

      D) This rule also applies to sex dolls, meaning male sex dolls and futanari sex dolls.(edited)

5)    No piss, scat, or fart hentai. That shit pisses me off.

      A) No realistic looking vomiting. Fake looking or not fully shown vomiting done for comedy is fine.

6)    No vore hentai. Eat Tide pods instead.

7)    No car, plane, or other only superficially anthropomorphized vehicle or object  porn/hentai.

8)    No 3DPD thots (i.e. “breathers”) allowed in the hentai embassy unless relevant to a conversation or within an anime meme

       A) CGI hentai is fine, but if it’s too realistic, it may be considered 3D heresy(edited)

9)    Rem is love

10)    Emilia is Satan

11) Please use the Waifu World room for the purposes intended. Keep the anime out of the other rooms unless relevant, and keep the hentai and sex dolls out of the other rooms. Please post general memes and images to the general chat room unless relevant to a conversation in the Waifu World room.

Please at least give your images a once over before posting them to avoid accidently getting yourself in trouble or banned.