You Are Not Your Brain Or Your Body by Tim Urban

โฃI found this essay from 2015 but sadly, not a video, so I made it myself. If you’re Tim Urban, feel free to copyright claim this video. I just thought it deserved a video.

You are not your brain or your body

Very few of the ideas or thought experiments in this post are my original thinking. I read and listened to a bunch of personal identity philosophy this week and gathered my favorite parts together for the post. The two sources I drew from the most were philosopher Derek Parfitโ€™s book Reasons and Persons and Yale professor Shelly Kaganโ€™s fascinating philosophy course on deathโ€”the lectures are all watchable online for free.

Other Sources:
David Hume: Hume on Identity Over Time and Persons
Derek Parfit: We Are Not Human Beings
Peter Van Inwagen: Materialism and the Psychological-Continuity Account of Personal Identity
Bernard Williams: The Self and the Future
John Locke: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Chapter: Of Identity and Diversity)
Douglas Hofstadter: Gรถdel, Escher, Bach
Patrick Bailey: Concerning Theories of Personal Identity

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